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    My business partners, also mainly expats, and me, we always use the wonderful InterNations Events as an informal get-togethers.

Living in Kazan

Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, a federal subject of Russia. It has a population of just over 1.1 million and is the largest city in Tatarstan and the eighth largest in all of Russia. The city lies some 400 miles east of Moscow on the confluence of the Kazanka and Volga Rivers. Its abilities in a variety of sports have led to Kazan being called “The Sports Capital of Russia” and it has also laid claim to being the “Third Capital” of Russia. Expats living in Kazan will find many things to discover, such as for example a citadel that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and can be found in Central Kazan. In this picturesque, historic center you can also find the Annunciation Cathedral, dating from 1561 and featuring six columns and five domes. The city’s most famous site, however, is the leaning Soyembika Tower, the construction date of which is shrouded in mystery. Kazan is a fascinating and diverse city, mixing Tatar and Russian populations and traditions. To help the new expat in Kazan, the online community of InterNations expatriates is an excellent resource. Connecting with other international expats in Kazan or other Russian cities will give an inside track to the city and country, as well as perhaps uncover opportunities.

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Moving to Kazan

Kazan is a well-connected major city and Kazan International Airport is a regional hub served by 11 airlines. The local railway station has direct connections to 36 destinations and handles more than eight million passengers every year. The road network connects the city to Moscow and Europe and is being extended all the way towards the western borders of China. The mighty rivers provide further transport, with ferries in summer and hovercraft in winter. So whatever their choice of transport, expats moving to Kazan should have no problems getting there. Kazan has also many public schools including specialist music sports and arts schools and the central districts of Bista and Posad are prime residential areas. The InterNations platform, and in particular its forums, are a great place to get tips from other expats living in Kazan on the best schools and neighborhoods.

Working in Kazan

Kazan is one of Russia’s major industrial and financial centers. It has the third biggest banking industry in Russia and is a center for chemical and mechanical engineering, petrochemicals, aerospace and light engineering. It is also an active hub for higher education and has the biggest IT park in Russia. The diverse economy attracts many expatriates to Kazan and contributes to the city being the top Russian place to live on Mercer’s Worldwide Quality of Living Survey. With so much going on, the international community at InterNations is an important tool to keep up and make connections that could benefit you during your stay in Kazan. Our Expat Magazine, meanwhile, has lots of information on the expatriation and the expatriate lifestyle in general.

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Dear InterNations Members, Join us on the 28th for a fantastic evening of delicious Turkish kebabs in Kağıthane! We'll savor authentic Urfa specialties like Söğürmeli Şiş and Kıymalı Pide. Urfa, a c
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  • Sven Baudach

    My business partners, also mainly expats, and me, we always use the wonderful InterNations Events as an informal get-togethers.

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