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  • Edmund Taylor

    Tokyo has so much to offer and InterNations made it much easier to become acclimated to life in this bustling city.

Living in Kyoto

Kyoto is known as ‘the ancient city’, and was once the capital of Japan during its imperial era. It is the main city of the island of Honshu and is a major metropolitan area joined with Osaka and Kobe. Kyoto is situated in a valley and has beautiful scenery. For expats living in Kyoto, there are a number of cultural aspects to enjoy in the city – it is home to over 2000 places of worship as well as many beautiful gardens, palaces and temples. Amongst the most popular places to visit are the old town, featuring a number of ancient monuments which are classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as the Iwatayama Monkey Park, where visitors can see the Japanese macaque monkeys. Expats living in Kyoto can of course also experience traditional Japanese cuisine as well as visit the many locations used to film Japanese movies and television in the city.

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Moving to Kyoto

Kyoto boasts a number of international schools, as well as renowned colleges and universities, with a number of American universities having Japanese bases in the city. There is a particular interest in technological research in the area. Expats moving to Kyoto will benefit from the city’s fantastic public transport system, which includes Japan’s second largest railway station, a subway, high speed rail, buses and road transport. Cycling is also very popular in the city and cyclists are very well accommodated. Kyoto has a humid subtropical climate which means that the summers tend to be hot and humid, particularly in the heart of the city whereas the winters can be very cold, even experiencing snow at times. Any expat moving to Kyoto could benefit greatly from joining InterNations and connecting with fellow expatriates from nations all over the world who can share information and give advice about moving to Kyoto and to Japan in general.

Working in Kyoto

Kyoto is a major economic center in Japan, with information technology and electronics forming a large part of the industry. Many global companies have their bases in Kyoto including Nintendo, OMRON, Horiba and others. Other industries present in the area include sake brewing as well as traditional Japanese crafts, which are made at many plants in the area. The city is also renowned for its tourism which provides a number of opportunities for expats working in Kyoto. For any expatriate looking for academic work in Kyoto, there are a number of renowned universities specializing in teaching as well as research in key areas such as technology, economics and medicine. For more information about working in Kyoto as well as how to find work, an expat in Kyoto would benefit from joining InterNations where they can interact with fellow expatriates and may be able to find useful information about working and living in Kyoto.

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An exciting venue in Parco, Sinsaibashi! A must-see place! It’s a different world! The owner of the venue used to be in the Adult Toys Business. For that reason, you may find some very interesting
May 23, 2024, 12:00 PM
13 attendees
I'm happy to re-introduce another long time favorite hotspot for expats and you are invited to join us! Close to Italian supercar showrooms and placed within walking range from Roppongi station you w
We’re dancing All Night! 😂 Come and join us on Kitsune Kyoto’s floors! Each floor has a different mood! And music to your liking. Get a discounted entry upstairs at the ID check point, by showin

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  • Edmund Taylor

    Tokyo has so much to offer and InterNations made it much easier to become acclimated to life in this bustling city.

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    In such a huge city, InterNations has created great events for expats to meet in Tokyo.

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