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Nowadays with the introduction of modern day and cost effective digital electronics media and instant messaging data exchange from one medium to another medium within a tickle of an eye as lead to TOTAL WITCH HUNT among individual professionals, expatriates, government appointees, national security leaders, attorney generals and aspiring/incumbent elected national presidents to make individual OWN decision contrary to his/her board resolution decision often erupted due to data entry instant connect and messaging via LinkedIn, Facebook, Tweeters and media report into government office, multinational companies and private own companies which adversely affect decision making leaders to be affected by "TOTAL WITCH HUNT".

However, the need for the unit leaders consider the influence of TOTAL WITCH HUNT among his/her teams/colleagues must be well FILTER to avoid losing key team leaders in both government offices and private companies.

Hence, for expatriate out there and team leaders to avoid sudden termination of his/her appointment based on "TOTAL WITH HUNT", a special anti force mosquito killing virus measure has to be place on ground from OWN domestic activities of his/her OWN decision from waking up from bed, brushing teeth, smell nice, dry cleaning cloth, hair saloon, make up box, are all done and carried out by his/her OWN decision, his/her OWN hand, his/her OWN legs down to body movement before setting out for office special activities/meeting to make sure his/her are OWN decision in signing both government official document and private registered document are not affect by "TOTAL WITCH HUNT".

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