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Hospitality industry - DuraVidro glassware (Lisbon)

Dear Hospitality industry members,

I would like to introduce DuraVidro to you.

DuraVidro is the Iberian Peninsula’s sole distributor of Danish polycarbonate glassware, manufactured by Glass4Ever.

Our durable and elegant Polycarbonate glassware is made from extremely high quality polycarbonate. Under close inspection it is extremely hard to differentiate this product from regular glass. The superior quality of the polycarbonate makes for a crystal clear finish.

Mostly produced in Denmark, our durable and elegant Polycarbonate range offers a superior alternative to standard glassware.

The range of DuraVidro Polycarbonate glassware was developed in conjunction with, and after extensive consultation to, members of the hospitality industry in Scandinavia, South East asia and australia. We specifically cater to the needs of the hospitality industry, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, stadiums, outdoor venues such as concerts, poolside events, boating and camping. We have listened to all those operators who have requested an improved quality product supported by a consistent and reliable supply chain. This is a continuing process and we want to encourage the Iberian Peninsula’s operators to join us in this effort and make Portugal and Spain a safer place for all to enjoy.

All DuraVidro Polycarbonate unbreakable glassware have been tested by independent laboratories and complies with the European Standard guidelines.

DuraVidro Polycarbonate has become indispensable throughout the hospitality industry, bars, night clubs, cafés, stadiums, schools, retirement villages, outdoor entertainment areas. Our high quality polycarbonate glassware is designed to promote safety and provide cost effective solutions.

By using DuraVidro reusable and virtually unbreakable polycarbonate glassware you can help preserve the safety of your customers and staff while protecting the environment by reducing land fills and energy consumption. Polycarbonate glassware has a far smaller environmental footprint than either glass or older single-use disposable plastics; They have a long useful life, are 100% recyclable, and require only 10% of the manufacturing energy of glass.

For more information, product details, please look at our website: Protected content or contact me directly on Protected content and I will be happy to help.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely / Com os melhores cumprimentos

Morten Rank Levison
E-Mail: Protected content

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