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asian store in Ljubljana

Hey everyone,

As a future citizen of Ljubljana I've been looking for an Asian store, because I love asian food and I would very much miss it if I wouldn't be able to cook asian every now and then...

And I have found a great store in Ljubljana, close to the shopping mall on Celovska cesta. The street is called: Prusnikova Ulica 6. Its name is: AHONG d.o.o. Trgovina Kitajski Vrt.

I found the prices there much cheaper than in the supermarkets and they sell a huge variety of Asian products (different kinds of oil, rice, noodles, lemon grass, durian, kardamom, koriander, asefoetida and shrimp-paste, sateh, rice cookers etc).
The reason i am spreading the word is easy: the more people will buy there the easier it is for them to expand and have even more asian products.

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