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Fixer Wanter: Seeking 20 O Pensador Statues (Luanda)


I am seeking a fixer to buy and ship 20, wooden, O Pendsador statues to Canada by March 31. They are intended as gifts at a fancy dinner party.

I am entertaining offers immediately. Please see additional details below:

The successful individual must have an eye for and an ability to locate the more artful and better finished statues among what's available. Not "airport art." I am interested in statues standing Protected content tall (1' - 2'). Although handcrafted and necessarily unique, they all have to be the same size and quality (ie. same artist or studio).

A Canadian expat would be preferred, but not exclusively.

I would handle any necessary steps for the shipment (collect by DHL) to clear customs.

Payment terms negotiable, likely by escrow, disbursed upon the statues landing safely in Canada

The one-time assignment would consist of roughly the following steps:

- Fixer and I agreeing on a fee, hourly, fixed rate or commission.

- Fixer finding two or three artists with an inventory of 20 O pensador statues meeting the above description.

- Fixer photographing and sending photos of each batch of statues by email to discuss/validate final selection.

- Fixer wrapping the statues and packing them in such a way to ensure safe transit

- Fixer sending shipment collect via DHL for arrival in Canada by deadline (I've been told it's Protected content days).

- I would pay fixer when statues arrive safely in Canada, by electronic banking transfer, or paypal (perhaps held in escrow since beginning of working relationship).

Please get in touch, I look forward to hearing from you.

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