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Life in Lviv

Healthcare in Lviv

The public healthcare system in Ukraine is not of a high-standard, and this is also true of the facilities in Lviv. Therefore, many expatriates living in Lviv avoid the public healthcare system altogether by taking out comprehensive private medical insurance to cover them throughout their time in the city.

The private healthcare system is far better equipped than the public system, and has a better standard of care and better access to medicine. Many of the doctors will also speak English, whereas they are less likely to in the public system. There are a handful of private clinics in Lviv that would be suitable for expatriates. In addition, expatriates living in Lviv are advised to stock up on any necessary prescription medicines, as they can be hard to find in local pharmacies and you may encounter long waiting times.

Education in Lviv

Although Ukraine has an adequat public education system, many expatriates would rather send their children to international schools, as there the standard of education is often higher, they will be taught in English, and they will receive international qualifications. There is currently only one international school in Lviv, a branch of the Ukraine International House School, which has campuses across the country.

As such, many expatriates living in Lviv instead send their children to one of the many international schools in Kiev. Lviv is considered one of the intellectual centers of Ukraine, and is home to eight universities, the most notable of which are Lviv Polytechnic, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Lviv State University of Physical Culture and the National Academy of Science of Ukraine.

Transportation in Lviv

Expatriates living Lviv will be able to drive legally using their foreign or international driving license throughout their stay in the city, as you are not required to have it changed for a Ukrainian license. Whilst the city itself has an excellent road system, you will not find the roads of the same quality in rural areas.

Lviv also has an extensive public transport network, including one of the oldest train systems in Ukraine. In the city center many people prefer to use the trams, trolleybuses, or buses to get around instead of driving, whilst bicycling is very popular and is encouraged by the government.

The government plans to build an entire cycling infrastructure by 2019, with cycle lanes and street bike hire services. There are also rail connections to other Ukrainian cities and direct trains to Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.

Feb 1, 2024, 5:00 PM
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We warmly welcome you to the first event of the year! This InterNations Lviv event will be held Thursday, 01 February 2024 at 18:00 (6 PM)! The event will be held at "Slon Restaurant" on the 2nd flo
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Dear members, With many years of being dormant, we're back with our 3rd event, the Late Autumn InterNations Lviv event this upcoming Thursday, November 23rd, 2023 at 18:00 (6 PM)! The event will be
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Dear members, We're back with our autumn InterNations Lviv event! We welcome you to our next event on Thursday, October 12th, 2023 at 18:00 (6 PM). We'll host our event at Slon Restaurant on Brativ
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"Dear members, Herewith we would like to announce there will be an InterNations Lviv gathering on Friday 21th July from 18.00 hrs. Venue will be the newly re-opened Slon Restaurant, Brativ Rohatynts

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  • Giovanni Gallo

    For an expat like me, InterNations is the perfect place to meet and connect with like minded people in Kyiv.

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