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Thank You Paris

Dear Paris,

even if I didn't arrive in the best moment (November 2020), I feel at home. Cold city in winter (compared to Barcelona) but warm people around me! I love the culture in this city, and how easy it is to get along with people with the same interests. It is a very open country which receives other cultures with open arms.

A city where ancestral history converges with the most current novelty, sometimes with an ancient aspect, but always with a young heart.

I am also passionate about the great use of bicycles and the amount of people who move on foot. Public transport is also impressive, in just over half an hour you can be anywhere in Paris with the various metros and busses. My point of view is that the service is excellent.

But the most pleasant thing is the outdoors — only a bit of good weather and the streets and parks are full of people, a lot of people gathered in the various green zones along the city. What a beautiful way to enjoy the city!

I am delighted with my decision to come work in Paris. I still have at least a couple of years living here, but I am sure that when I will return, and in general in my life, this experience will always be fundamental.

I would like to, after this stage, retain a small part of "Parisien" in my personality.


"I am Juan M., from Barcelona, Spain. I am a Structures Engineer. Since a young age, I combined studies with workshop work; I believe it is essential to have a clear big picture, to know what you are really involved in. After that I started to travel for work to a lot of destinations, which has brought me to Paris.I have a lot of hobbies, but I don't have time to carry them all out, at least I can go for a run a couple of times per week and every now and then I play the guitar. What really drives me is to learn, exchange impressions, and collect pleasant moments. And I expect to continue accumulating experience, and friends around the world."

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