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Thank You to My City — Global

A few months ago, we asked you: if they could write a thank you letter to their city, what would it say?

Did you find a vibrant community in your host city that welcomed you with open arms? Maybe the atmosphere was the main reason you consider your town the perfect place for expats and global minds: the green spaces, the laidback lifestyle! Or maybe you and your host city even got off to a rocky start, but you have come to love and embrace its rough edges.

Many of you got in touch and submitted your letter to your city, telling us why you are grateful to live in your home abroad.


“Dear lovely windy city, I believe that I owe you an apology. I was presumptuous and judgmental, and I thank you today for proving me wrong every step of the way. The fact is, I was proven wrong by every nice human being who smiled at me on the street just because they came across me, by every greeting neighbor who helped me feel at home and by every stranger who kindly showed me the way when my poor direction skills gave up on me.


“Houston has certainly made me wiser, training me to learn every bit of the way about myself, about my peers and surrounding communities as well as the wider world. The most important lesson of Houston is to unlearn former bias and prejudices and learn new lessons of love and friendship. Every person I meet has something unique to offer, a unique perspective to share or a value to teach, to lead me onward in making my choices and informed decisions.”


“The first greeting was fragrant like a hot lepeshka. You were very different from my native Yerevan: architecture, language, cuisine, flowers. But you were able to keep me with your hospitality and the warmth of the hearts of the people I met along the way.


“If you are new here, just take your time and explore the country. You'll see the beauty of this city and you'll meet fantastic people, expats and local citizens alike. I also love the fact that some Omanis can speak in Swahili which is a national language in my country.”

Addis Ababa

“Living in Addis Ababa has taught me to value and appreciate people more, as I have had to learn the basics of the local language, Amharic. Most people speak it, and a foreigner would need to know the basics to have an easy time getting items from shops or the street. The people are extremely patient and excited to help you learn the language.


“When I first arrived, I liked the weather and the warm gestures from people who were already residing with you. As time went by, I realized that my friends were wrong. You are one of the most beautiful, safest, and loveliest places one should live.”


“Thank you for the fabulous life I live on your beautiful island. I fell in love with your beauty on holiday visits with my husband — landscape, warm tropical climate, cornucopia of lush green, abundance of fruits, spectacular flora and sunsets of the rainy season, longer sunny days of dry season with its dry heat and the island's general lifestyle.”


We know that many of you are great writers and have a lot of fantastic stories to tell — from exciting adventures to funny mishaps. If you missed this writing opportunity or your letter didn’t get published, you should keep an eye out for upcoming writing opportunities all throughout the year 2022.

We are looking forward to learning how you see the world and feel about expat life!


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