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New Improved Nicaragua Website (Managua)

In the states, Amy was at different times a realtor, legal assistant, organizer, furniture buyer and marketer. Darrell was always in computers but eventually changed from being a complete nerd to corporate management in the fields of pharmaceuticals to finance.

Having never figuring out how to have children, we had the opportunity to travel extensively around the world. This naturally led to the desire to live overseas though where? Each trip strengthened our desire and perhaps the need to live in another culture. All of the International Living articles stated we could live on very little but still, it would be a big step.

We decided to move sooner than later but this meant we would have to have a low cost of living and social security income was a few years in the future. We narrowed our search to Central and South America and eventually zeroed in on Uruguay, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua or Ecuador. Amy informed me Uruguay was too far away though we would be much wealthier now had we moved there then. Costa Rica seemed to us to have peaked and was too expensive and Ecuador was too rough at the time. We almost moved to Panama but we could not find an area that fit us. We kept coming back to Nicaragua.

God knows there have been challenges here but we moved to Nicaragua in Protected content having first visited here in the year Protected content . Even after all of our research we moved first to San Juan del Sur which as a tourist seemed perfect for us. We only lasted four months then decided to move to Granada. We are very active in the community and in several foundations. Amy has an art gallery and studio on the main drag of Granada and the community is small enough that most people know each other.

From our experiences we created a guide for people living in Nicaragua, those thinking about moving to Nicaragua, visitors or anyone wanting to know more about the real Nicaragua. There are many excellent guide books for the backpackers and casual tourists but here we hope to show you a personal Nicaragua with insights from people who chose to live in this wonderful country of cool mountains, sunny beaches, volcanoes, colonial cities and friendly people. Here you will find tips on how to become a resident, costs of living, health care considerations, community activities and much more.

Everything you would like to know about living here: cost of living, medical facilities, buying building or renting, taxes, paperwork, doing business here, answers to what life is like here and more. Let us help you understand this beautiful country: its history, the regions, the people, things you should see, stories, topics, the government and photos.

Learn about organizations helping Nicaragua such as where you can volunteer your time and services, contact information, typical projects. Find out more about what's happening in the community: local news, local organizations, personal stories and those little things you can never find. We even have our diaries from the day we decided to move here that shows the good, the bad and the ugly. And we provide contact info, anecdotes, useful websites, biographies, books and articles, maps, and other stuff.

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Amy and Darrell Bushnell
Granada, Nicaragua

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