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Nicaragua here I come (Managua)

Hi all
After about 2 1/2 years of should I or shouldn't I decide its time. I had to choose between Ecuador and Nicaragua and Nicaragua won. Why, almost every time you read something about Nicaragua 1 thing stand out like a pole above water. Everyone say Nicaragua's people are friendly.
So I will be there within the next 3 months. Just waiting to finalize the sale of my house and wrapping up a few things.
The idea is to buy a small farm somewhere around Masaya.
Any ideas or suggestions. Security wise how safe will it be for a single guy living on a small farm there. I know it might be a stupid or ignorant question but just for peace of mind. I understand about basic safety and stuff like that. The safety part is more relating to armed robberies or armed home invasion stuff around the area. Why I ask is as I am from Africa and those things are part of daily life here.
Oh almost forgot
Any good lawyer that anyone can recommend. I will not be looking for a job in Nicaragua but at 40 definitely not ready for retirement either. That's why I want a small farm to keep me busy and out of trouble.

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