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Requirements for extension of stay / doctor cert? (Managua)

Hi all,

I am an EU citizen considering relocating to Nicaragua.

There is conflicting information between, the USA's page on Nicaragua, and information I have received from a Nicaraguan embassy in Europe, with respect to entering as a visitor, and temporary residency.

According to Protected content , the apositlled documents (birth cert, police cert, medical cert) are not required for an extension of stay (from 30 days to 90 days). Yet it would appear from and from what I was told by the embassy, that an extension of stay requires an application for "temporary residence", in which case these documents are indeed required. What is actually the true situation?

Also, with respect to the medical cert, is this open to the interpretation of the issuing medic? The requirements do not stipulate any specifics, and I don't see any form that the issuing medic has to fill in or tests that need to be performed, etc.



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