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12k basic plus commission, 30 day trial (upfront) (Manila)


We are a team of Krav Maga, American Kenpo and on consultancy basis Arnis instructors running Self Defense 24 we need someone asap to close deals with focus on 3 target markets. First we are qualified to certify security guards and with the largest number guards in the world, mostly with very poor training, it is a dream market with very lucrative profit margin. We have also secured the sole agency rights for a fitness tool Elevation 2.0 training mask which is doing good in the US, already being sold here but via a third party. We have the opportunity to sell it at a price that nobody can compete with. Sports stores, gyms and similar are all likely customers. Also workshops to companies about self defense is a target area for us.

My name is Christian Palmer, Dr. Richard Hartmann is my equal partner and we are both certified instructors and registered professionals here. We are already at the point where we need a Sales and Marketing Representative, a closer really 12K fixed plus commission.of 10% for the first 30 days trial period with 6k upfront when hired. A typical security deal can be from 50 guards and up trained for 15k per person. It is a very lucrative market and we have a product that is highly competitive because we offer the most effective reality based self defense training in the country. It is really that simple. I am the only Krav Maga Tactical Combat instructor here and it is recognized and used by law enforcement like CIA, FBI and elite units like special forces and anti terrorist. Other organizations are happy to claim something similar, however.... :)

We are looking for someone to be a part of our team. Working in a very lucrative market with an outstanding product. If hired you get 6k upfront and have 30 days to prove yourself. An additional 6k at the end of the 30 days trial is guaranteed, however permanent employment will be based on your performance alone. On top commission earning will be decided upon hiring and agreed to your satisfaction.

You are:
Female between 20 and 40
Hard working
Self motivator

Sales experience (face to face) might help but is not necessary. There will be a rigorous screening and interview process, we are looking for a long term commitment. If you feel you have what it takes, please contact us now with your name and number, as well as a short text stating why you think you are the right person for the job Protected content

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