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Business Analyst (Manila)

Reps, LLC is looking to hire a highly motivated and talented Business Analyst. We need someone who loves to analyze data, accurately interpret the data, ability to import and export data, troubleshoot data issues and create reports that will identify possible variables and issues and can provide strategy, solutions, and action plans.

What we are looking for:

-Someone who can identify problems or issues in dialers or callers and address them by providing specific action plans and solutions.

-Wide knowledge of tools, dialers, and CRM used by cold callers or virtual assistants. Proven experience using Callools, REISIFT, and Launch Control is a must.

-Experience using other dialers like MOJO, Batch dialer, Xencall, and RingCentral can be considered.

-Experience in management, operations, and leadership.VA Coach experience in US real estate, handling or managing a team of Virtual Assistants/Callers is a plus.

-Experience conducting Call listening and evaluation with each Virtual Assistant/Caller.

-Experience in doing deep dive analysis and providing weekly VA performance reports.

This is 100% remote work.

Your workplace should be quiet and away from any background noise or sound.

We work during US business hours and days.

This position is open to full-time job and definitely long-term careers!


Upload and export data

Properly stack data, understand data patterns, understands the replacement and recycling of data throughout campaigns and new list pulls

Can accurately manage CT, understands uploading and exporting/organization of data and transfer to Launch Control and REISift.

Can pull CT reports and accurately interpret the data, with the ability to identify triggers and cues that there are various factors at play affecting contact rate and overall success. Such as the ability to freely think and decide when to test certain variables to troubleshoot potential system issues, number issues, skiptracing issues, and/or list issues. Is able to run testing to narrow down the variable.

Communicates directly with individuals who are "deep diving" and scrubbing data. Organized and can provide them with appropriate lists and upload/transfer data into right areas simultaneously depending on its location.

Checks all phone numbers to ensure they are not flagged.

Assists with template creation for SMS messaging temporarily.


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