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Chinese Financial Language Analysts (Manila)

FactSet is currently looking for multi-lingual staff to help build up its non-English database. The Financial Language Analyst will be involved in our document acquisition process where he will research and obtain financial information, and in our Language Translation department where he will be translating and editing relevant financial information. He will be responsible for creating and maintaining accurate financial glossaries that will be used with our various translation tools.


Job responsibilities:

• Identifying, correcting and translating relevant financial information;
• Creating and maintaining financial dictionaries;
• Obtaining financial information via web research and direct company contact (email, fax or phone);
• Assisting in converting this information into formats usable for FactSet’s in house applications;
• Researching and translating textual information for business profiling and industry/business classification;
• Applying language skills in daily internal and external communication – both written and spoken.

Required skills:

• Native or close to native level of the Chinese Language in addition to fluency in English. Provide language certifications when possible. Knowledge of additional languages preferred;
• Very good written and oral communication skills on Languages acquired;
• Strong analytical, excellent research, and good organizational skills;
• Ability to find, interpret and then integrate data quickly and accurately;
• Ability to produce data of excellent quality even under pressure;
• Good knowledge of all Microsoft Office packages;
• Ambitious and enthusiastic;
• Resourceful, strong initiative and a team player;
• Commitment to detail.
Desirable skills:

• Knowledge of financial statements and financial terminology;
• Experience handling financial content;
• Strong interest in financial and corporate markets.

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