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Job Inquiry (Manila)

Hello everyone :)

Warm wishes & a prosperous New year!!

I am basically from India and I have been here in the Philippines for quite some time.

I was hoping if someone could give me a break in going about finding a job here. I have tried many places but the first question every recruiters or the company always ask me is that, if I have already acquired the Alien Employment permit and when I say NO, then they ask me to first get one but I am really confused with all these people. How can I get a AEP without being offered a Job but then I think about it and I guess that they don't want to be looked in a negative way (vice versa) but what they actually mean is that they cannot offer me a job or It could be my lack of experience and I agree :p

I will be grateful if someone can help me in this regard. I am a fresh graduate in MBA - Project Management and I am doing some graphic design work at the moment. I know that my credentials are not very impressive but all I need is a chance and I want to grow gradually in an organisation with regards to Management and I know that I might not have the credentials as good as other employees working in various company here in the Philippines when compared to their credentials, but I know for sure that within a short span of time I will catch up or even do better with regard to my given daily tasks or work that requires me to fulfill towards the growth of the company which I will be a part of.

This is my last resort -!!

Hoping and praying for some luck!!

God Bless you all!

Thank you,
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