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Construction site manager (residential) (Melbourne)

My husband has a nvq6 in construction management and has been building homes in the UK for very big well know firms for the last 18months
We have been told that he would need a degree to get passed for skilled visa??

I'm really confused now!!!! We have 3 boys 8,6 and 3 I'm 30 and my husband is 43.
We are selling outer home in summer ready to move ASAP to melbourne and will rent in the ipuk until we can move but just feel that I'm totally struggling to get my head around which visa to apply for,,,,
Can we apply for a visa that may take years? I don't mind waiting?
I've been in contact with many employers and passed on CV my next thought was to send hubby on his own in oct/nov to meet people face to face and possibly get work (even though I know he not supposed to be actively searching on a ETA visa)

Any help would be much appreciated

The Coles : )))

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