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Job possibilities in Australia (Melbourne)

Hello All, I'm looking for opportunities of working and immigration to Australia, the famous country with beautiful nature and great people.

Currently I'm studying as an exchange student in Bilbao and learning such courses as "USAC Management & Leadership" and "English For Foreign Trade and Logistics", but I'm graduating in Ukraine, my home university. I graduated as "Bachelor of Aircraft and Rocket Construction and Design" and was enrolled again to obtain Master's Degree in the same field of study. I'm graduating in Protected content , but before I'm hardly looking for employment because I have more time in order to learn engineering english deeper and retrain to Australian manufacturing standards.

Maybe, If I find my prospective employer in Australia, I will get in touch with him and discuss am I eligible or not. I haven't chosen topic of my Master's Degree, so this a good opportunity to adjust it for employer.

Finally, I would be grateful to all members that can help me with this situation. Thank you in advance.

P.S It's not necessary for Melbourne only, all cities are welcome.

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