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Community of Milan after moving

Hello to everyone. I just moved to my apartment and I have to apply to Community of Milan to register myself. But i don't know how to do it. I asked many foreigners who already passed from the same route but they also don't know it (somebody helped them i think).

I think I will have to go to the community with my house contract and register myself, then they will come and visit me. I understand the process like this but I don't know where to start.

Can you please guide me? I would be very appreciated.

I think it is under "Registration within the Registry Office for foreign citizens" section of the following page if i am not wrong;

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Thank you in advance.

Edit: I am writing this for the ones who will need this information in the future also. I went to Via Larga 12 without appointment in the morning at an early hour and waited until it was opened. I was the second one on the queue. I went to the officer and told the reason why i was there. She told me it was impossible to take actions without appointment. I told i have friends who did this without appointment but she was surprised and she said again it was impossible. The earliest date was april. Then she checked again and saw that in 1 hour there is an appointment available in another Comune adress. She booked it for me and directly went there and thankfully it was successful that time.

To sum up, I dont know whether it is related to the officer or not but you need appointment ladies and gentlemen.


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