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Getting REALLY frustrated (Milan)

I arrived in Milan a week ago and have been looking for apartments.
It appears that people here have a mind block when it comes to foreigners.
We decided to move to Milan independently therefore don't have a contract with a company and since we have only been here 1 week obviously don't have 'referencia' in Italy
I realize apartment owners need security so I am willing to pay a whole year's rent up front.
Yet this does not seem to be enough.
Everyone seems terrified to rent to us because we don't have a job in Italy.
I don't understand this. I am willing to pay 12 months in much more secure can you be?
Has no one in Milan ever met people simply moving independently around the world?

Needless to say I need an apartment and am getting REALLY tired and frustrated.

I have EU status but can't register my residency without an apartment. I also can't register my son in school without an apartment AND my furniture is arriving from Dubai in 7 days and I have no apartment to put it in.

We need a quadrilocale (3 bedrooms) and preferably 2 bathrooms. The area is irrevelant as long it is close to the metro. My price limit is Protected content +spese and we need unfurnished since we are shipping our own furniture.

Can someone, anyone, help us find an apartment owner willing to rent the above to us with 12 months worth of security up front but without 'referencia'?
I'm simply getting very tired of calling agencies and hearing the same story about the referencia over and over again and wasting my time.

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