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Looking for new room due to racism (Milan)


My current flat mates (female, Italians) are convinced that every (!) man represents a potential danger and consider it highly dangerous and forbidden to invite a man for a cup of tea: he could enter their rooms and rob and violate them. According to them, this applies even the more, if the man is a foreigner (extracomunitario), and the most dangerous case: Arabian (my closest male friend is from Morocco). As I prefer to live in a serene, phobia-free atmosphere, I would like to find a new room, where human beings are considered as a positive part of our life. My idea of a shared flat is: many people together, open door for friends (men and women of all nationalities), open atmosphere for nice conversation. An atmosphere of education, smile, open mind and open heart.
Does this exist in Milan? (I do not like to live alone)

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