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Milan housing advise

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if someone with good knowledge of Milan could give me some advice on areas to live in? My line of thought is as follows:

Protected content am an author and in the process of writing another book, so I need a quiet place where I could pursue my passion for writing, maybe sitting outside in a balcony/terrace.

Protected content life is not really my thing. I just need proximity to a few good restaurants/bars for occasional visits, but generally I like to cook at home.

Protected content to a good Supermarket is essential. I don’t intend to buy a car in Milan, so do not want to be lugging shopping too far. Since I love to cook, I do end-up buying more stuff than an average single male would buy.

Protected content to a good park is important and will be a definite plus.

Protected content to utilities like cycle renting and car rentals/car share locations will be very good.

Protected content yellow line so that daily transit to San Donato could be stress-free (my office will be in San Donato).

Options I am considering are:

1. Live in San Donato itself, within walking distance of my office and the yellow line station.

2. Porta Romana Area. But it has no park/green area and about 1 hour daily transit to office and back.

3. Turatti area. Close to a very good park, but 1.5 hour daily transit to office and back.

Please, can you add some local knowledge to this and help me choose? My budget will be about 2,000 Euro monthly for a two bedroom unit in a high-rise, located on as high a floor as possible, with a sit-out/terrace, fully furnished including heating, air-conditioning and the works…

Thank you,


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