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Searching for flat in Milan


I am moving to Milan next mid-July and I am looking for an apartment, if possible in the west of Milan (My jobplace is close to De Angeli Station (M1 line) or with good connections. I don't know Milan so I am not sure about the areas to live, so any recommendations would be great.

Basically the requirements of the flat are, apart from the location/connection:
- Minimum 60sqm
- Max 850€/month with expenses
- Accepts dogs
- Furnished or not, it doesn't matter, I am taking my own stuff.

Pluses for the place would be:
- Garage
- Balcony
- Elevator

As I said, I am open to other areas, but I would prefer not to spend 2 hours in the Metro every day :D

Thanks in advance for every tip you can give me or any flat you can suggest.

Best regards,

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