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Jan-Peter van Tijk

Living in Mumbai, from Netherlands

"I was searching on the internet for valuable tips on Bombay. Then I found InterNations and was surprised by its quality site."

Nellie Collins

Living in Mumbai, from USA

"Bombay is definitely different from from the States. InterNations became my international home and my local 'family' of expats in no time."

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Hello and Welcome to Our Expat Community in Mumbai!

Namaste and welcome to our expat community in Mumbai! Through InterNations you have complete access to a large community of expats in Mumbai and all over the world. If you are preparing for a move to Mumbai and are looking for some real advice about starting life in another country, then look no further than InterNations.

Simply join InterNations and start interacting. Our expat community in Mumbai will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about relocating. You might want to ask questions like, "what is the transportation system like in Mumbai?", "what type of housing do expats live in?", or "what are the schools like in Mumbai?". Whatever your concerns, our expat community is happy to answer your questions with tips and advice based on their own personal experiences.

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Find Out What Mumbai Has to Offer to Expats

The large Indian hub of Mumbai is located on the west coast of India, and is centered around the bustling Mumbai Harbor. Remnants of the British Raj still cover the city, including the Gateway of India and the impressive Victoria Station. Its city center is now also decorated with high-rise buildings and is home to the world-famous Bollywood film industry. India itself has other havens too that are just a train-ride away, such as the former Portuguese colony of Goa, laden with beaches and Western amenities.

Many Indian locals in Mumbai speak English, their high level of education and willingness to practice will make any English-speaking expat welcome almost immediately. Because of the high level of education, one of India's bestselling industries is its export of information technology to other countries. There may be a number of cultural adjustments to make when moving to Mumbai, but many feel welcomed by the friendly population of locals and expats in the city.

The city of Mumbai can be a little dirty and polluted, but there is a large community of expats and wealthy Indians that reside in the luxury hotels and lavish clubs in the city. Many expats, however, move to Mumbai to support the large population of people living in poverty, and may work for NGO groups or as a volunteer. Expats living in Mumbai have often reported how safe they feel, even at night, and feel that their children receive a good level of education.

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Every member of InterNations has gone through a careful approval process, and is selected to become a part of the private expat community in Mumbai. This means you can interact with other like-minded expats in a safe environment, both online and offline.

When you arrive in Mumbai you may want to meet up with other expats enjoying life in India. The Mumbai Community offers a number of groups and events that you will have access to as an InterNations member. From joining up with Mumbai's Theater Lovers Group to exploring the wilderness of Mumbai and its surrounding region with the Mumbai Outdoors and Adventures Group, signing up and interacting is a great way to enhance your experience in Mumbai. Get started on the next chapter of your life in Mumbai, with the help of your new community both online and in real life.

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