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Betrayal of Trust! (Mumbai)


Dear All,

a good riposte to an article which stinks of an extreme biased approach. Its not for nothing that it is widely proclaimed that different segments of the media do align with one political party or the other.

Anil Dharker, with a media background seems to be beholden to the family of the Deora's for various 'deeds'. A classic case of you scratch my back I scratch yours.

Similarly a Karan Johar or an Adi Godrej, when they start tom tomming the candidature of one particular candidate, and ignore everyone else, is a slap against the process of electioneering. When they did their MBA or graduation, were they the only one in the class or did they strive against 50 best competing and equal potential individuals?

Who are these people to deride the candidature of these very new candidates, who ae ready to forsake their current cushy vocations to take up the cudgels for US, against these very facist sitting MP's. They are in the fray because they have seen a systemic failure of the Institution / State administartion which has deteriorated dramatically in this last 5 years.

Where were a Anil Dhrker or an Adi Godrej or a Karan Johar at this time? Well ensconced in their plush homes and corporate offices talking of their bottom lines or their fat paychecks or their friday box office performances while we, the common people at large suffer at the hands of these very inept and selfish politicians.

Finally, lets face it. It's important that these sitting politician's get the message, that if you cant improve the state of the city, then we it's residents are ready with back up candidates who can. This entry of a few professionals is just the very START of the Process.

The coming Assembly and Corporation elections will prove just that.

Please VOTE Think and vote:

We now have three Citizen's candidates for the next election in

South Mumbai - Dr Mona Shah


Rishi Aggrawal -North West

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