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Drink without gaining weight (Mumbai)

Hi ,im a certified personal trainer ,some tips to stay fit ,feel free to ask me questions.
Drinking in moderation
If you want to party hard , you’re going to have to start keeping track of everything you are currently drinking. For instance, eating — chances are it’s more then you think. Tell yourself that, alongside better eating habits, you will never drink more then two days a week — no matter what. On the days you do drink, eat as clean as you possibly can — no junk, no fried food and no excess sugar. This reduces the guilt you might have had about the calories in alcohol. It takes some discipline to drink without gaining weight because, as previously mentioned, the tipsier you get, the more you want to indulge in fattening foods. However, if you follow these guidelines, it’s almost impossible to sneak in extra calories.

Here are some more tips you can use to drink without gaining weight and reduce the calories in your drinks.

•Stay away from fruity juices. Have vodka with diet soda or lime instead of cranberry juice or orange juice;
•Pick light beers over regular when you can;
•Try waiting an hour after you get to an event before drinking;
•Eat a healthy and filling meal before heading out for a night on the town;
•If you come home and you feel like ravaging whatever is in your fridge, drink two mug-fulls of water, then have a snack. It should tide you over.

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