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Happy Hour this Thursday, 8:00 pm in Bandra! (Mumbai)

Hey guys!

I’m relatively new here (both to Mumbai and Internations) and don’t know very many people in the city. To change that I’m thinking that maybe I can organize an informal happy hour / get together this week and see if anybody was interested in meeting up? My current idea is to try and get people together at around 8:00 pm this coming Thursday (19th Jan) at Banana Bar, a pub located on Linking Road, Bandra (notes to the day and location are below) and hopefully make a few new friends! What do you guys think? Would any of you be able to make it? I’d love some feedback so please reply to this forum or even send me an email, whatever works.

Date – I’m thinking of organizing this on a Thursday so that it’s close to the weekend but doesn’t disrupt anybody’s weekend plans (especially since this is slightly short notice). I figured more people might be free on Thursday than Friday or Saturday but in case there a ton of people who think this is a good idea but would prefer to meet on the Friday or Saturday instead, we can definitely shift the date. Just let me know.

Place – So Banana Bar is this cool little place I found that’s located on Linking Road, just above a restaurant called “Only Parathas”. I’m suggesting this place because it seems pretty easy to find, the music isn’t overpowering (so I can actually have a conversation without screaming), it usually isn’t too crowded on a weekday and it doesn’t charge a cover fee. Oh, also till 9:00 pm they have 50% off on certain drinks and beers which is great! Of course, as I mentioned, I’m new here so I’ve only been to a couple of places. If anybody doesn’t like this place or can think of a better location near Bandra, I’m all for it. I don’t know the ownership/management of this place so it’s not like we’re getting any special deals or anything – it just seems like a place that might work for this. If you are planning to be there but need directions, please do let me know. Again, feedback would be great.

That’s about it I guess. So, ladies/gents, couples/singles, expats/Indians and any other Internations member (and friends of Internations members too, you don’t have to come alone – in fact, the more the merrier!) you are all completely welcome to join me this Thursday at Banana Bar. I’ll be there starting 8:00 and I’ll bring a book – just in case I’m left all alone I’ll have something to do! – but I’m hoping I won’t have to read it :) Thanks for your time and as I mentioned, I’d love any feedback. Hope to see some of you soon.


P.S. If you think this is a good idea but are unable to make it this week, please do let me know. It’d be nice to gauge interest in this kind of event for the future. Thanks!

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