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Heart breaking news from Turkey! (Mumbai)


It is with great sadness, that I read that there is a Military coup in Turkey.

The noble, gentle, imprisoner of children for facebook posts, the Venerable Caliph Esek Erdogan is in the process of being deposed.

His hard work in returning Turkey to the stone age, might be halted!

During his illustrious reign, Protected content mosques were built - whereas absolutely not a new school was erected.

Protected content

How can I possibly forget the great leader who gave us the excellent meme during thanks giving... where Putin says "Having roast turkey for thanksgiving? So am I!"

Protected content

Caliph Esek Erdogan was a friend and supporter of Mohammed Morsi, the erstwhile Caliph of Egypt. It is heart warming that they might share a cell together, and like in that famous cowboy movie where backs break on hills, they might discover new "camaraderie".

I want to exhort the expatriate community of Mumbai to join me in silent prayer that Caliph Esek may find peace ... Which is only possible if he is not busy messing up his country and Europe.

Good luck army guys! Free your people!!

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