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House Hunting /Settling in in Mumbai South

Hi all, we are a family of 3 moving to Mumbai this summer.

We are up for house hunting next month and I was wondering if you could give me some tipps on what to focus on while trying to find a descent home (we do have two agents already). When we used to house hunt in Singapore I was told to watch out which direction the flat is facing (south is hell bc too much sun, water pressure is an issue in Bangkok etc.)

We already know that our child Protected content attend DSB, we ll work from home and travel mostly by plane (location wise we ll settle in south Mumbai in order to have a rather short trip to school).

we also know that we have a rather small budget for Mumbai standards (max 3 lacs). However, we are unsure if we should go for a highrise option or rather an older building.
-> If there are people around who had to make their choice whether to rent an apartment in a high rise building or in an "independent" house, I would be interested in profiting from their experiences.
-> We also would love to get hints which clubs can still be joined without being a billionaire and of course: let me know all thoughts and considerations which you find are valuable to share - for example with regard of having its own car, how to find a reliable driver, a reliable house keeper, where to find good other sources of info for expats like FB groups etc. (here in istanbul we have great FB group for expat women of istanbul - extremly helpful)
Mumbai will be our 4th posting in Asia, currently we are in Istanbul, Turkey.
To all who take their time to share anything - already now a big thank you.

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