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In Mumbay for three days (Mumbai)

Hello everybody,

i'm going to be in Mumbay from July the 28th to the 30th with my brother. I do not have much time to plan, so this is why I ask here some questions that maybe are easy for somebody living there, I would apprecite so much if someone could give me some feedback!!!!

- since we have never been there, and we do not want to stress too much we were considering getting a guide who could show us the nicest places of the city and so on. Is there any website where I coul check for nice guides? Aybody knows of someone?

- hotel: is there any hotel you could recommend? Nice, clean and well situated? Not the most expensive one nor the cheapest?

- we need to buy some train tickets to Pune, do you know of an agency that could do this for us?

- and last but ot least, would anybody like to take us out for dinner or to have a drink some of those days!

Thank ou in advance,

Looking forward to hearing from anybody!

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