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Learn Tai Chi (Mumbai)

What is Tai Chi or Taiji?
Often referred to as a ‘way of life or ‘system of exercise’ Tai chi is a centuries old martial art originally conceived for martial application that focuses on developing the internal aspects of the practitioner thus leading to other benefits like health and fitness. Tai Chi is based on principles of Yin and Yang and its method of training is scientific, proven and has clear standards of evaluation of progress. Its practice consists of different types of forms which are essentially a series of flowing movements that connect one into to the other while integrating the principles.

Benefits of Tai Chi
Tai chi works on the mind and body and all the benefits are too numerous to mention but some are
listed below:
Improves physical conditioning, strength and agility
Improves structural alignment, balance and stability
Decrease stress and anxiety
Increased mind body connect
Improved energy management
Gain martial ability naturally

Bhargav Khaund
Indoor disciple of Grandmaster Chen Zhonghua. Practitioner and teacher of Practical Method Taiji in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai area.
Practical Method Taiji is authentic, traditional and its training is scientific but filled with lots of fun
Wonders park, Nerul, Navi Mumbai on Sundays 7.30 am to 9.30 am
Rs.750 per session
Rs.2,500 per month
Please contact Bhargav at Protected content Mobile: Protected content
For more information about Tai Chi please visit: Protected content

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