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My cat needs a foster home! (Mumbai)

Hey everyone,

my taking-my-cat-to-Europe-adventure continues. Looks like I'll have to leave wayyyyy before she can. So now I'm looking for a foster home for Lakshmi till she can follow me.

I know it's a long shot, but: Anyone here who loves cats and would be willing to look after my Lakshmi darling for up to 3 months? (I might only be able to take her end of August - thanks EU for your strict regulations!)

Lakshmi is 2.5 years old and has been living with me since I found her in the mean streets of Santacruz as a 6-week old orphan. Of course she's vaccinated and healthy. She's a house cat, means she has never been outside and is used to living in a confined space. Now that she's through her teenage-rebellious phase, she's a rather pleasant companion. She's not very cuddly but likes company, which is why you usually find her on the chair next to me or lying at my feet. The furniture is safe from her, but when she's being playful, your feet aren't always (it's the only thing she knows how to chase). She's ok being on her own throughout the day but be prepared for her to not leave your side for a while after she's been home alone for extended periods of time.

I would love to know her in good, caring, pet-friendly expat hands. Besides my external gratitude and I'm sure a spot in heaven, I can offer to pay you in cheese, whipped cream and other imported delicacies I recently brought from Germany.

Let me know if you or anyone you know might be willing to help!

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