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Dear Members of Internations-BOMBAY!

I am the marketing-manager at the hotel DORFPARK - Trend Hotels GmbH in Austria/Europe. Beside my job I am studying at the MCI (Management-Center-Innsbruck) in Tyrol. There I am taking a class named "tourism- and leisure-management".

For the final draft I am working on right now I am supposed to do a survey about INDIAN GUESTS/PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING TO VISIT AUSTRIA SOON - By SOON I mean this year or in the following years of Protected content .

I would be very thankful if you could FORWARD the survey-link to your INDIAN FRIENDS who might know INDIAN PEOPLE who will travel AUSTRIA (the survey is mainly about AUSTRIA) in the near future.

Even if you are traveling soon to AUSTRIA by yourself you can fill out the survey please. You will help me a lot. It takes about 8 minutes.

Maybe you can also give me advice where I could post this message in INDIAN plattforms on the internet to get a big response which is necessary for a survey.

The link to the survey is: Protected content

The data will be not forwarded to other person but it is going to be part of my final draft.
There will be no e-mail-address shown and no names mentioned. If you are interested in the result of the survey let me know please.

Best regards and thanks for your patience,
Thomas G. Mueller from Austria

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