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Not a terrorist (Mumbai)


I just wanted to clarify for that German guy who was there at Internations event yesterday in a white tshirt, that being brown does not mean a person is a terrorist.

I just came and asked if the internations event was being held here, not another word. I did nothing to elicit the rude response from you. And I left immediately after your response of calling me a terrorist and didn't say a word in protest. Because gentlemen control their emotions.

I am an Indian American, born and raised in the US, and my father served in the Navy, I worked for defense companies. And i am a Hindu. India has been a bulwark against militant Islam, and we are brown. So are people from South America, south east Asia, and a lot of other places where Islam is not the dominant religion.

And it may come as a surprise to you, that even in Islam dominated Middle eastern countries, not every one is a terrorist.

I considered my options here carefully, and feel a simple warning is enough for now.

I hope you will educate yourself, and learn to be polite. Because the next time you say some thing this rude, I most solemnly guarantee you the repercussions will be exceedingly severe and it will involve Indian federal law enforcement and government.

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