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Shame on India (Mumbai)


After the recent Uri attacks, under the BJP government, there was an expectation of some concrete action against the crazies in Pakistan.

Nothing has been done, nothing will be done.

Indian Express, The Hindu, Dawn (pak) have been quick to point out how "expensive" a war would be for India, since Pakistan has nuclear weapons and India has more to lose.

A JNU professor Happymon Jacob quoted Clausewitz "War is not an act of senseless passion".


26/11 happened, your massive "army" sat for 2 days without responding while the killers roamed free... and there was no follow on action against the perps.

Indian parliament gets attacked, no response

In this year pathankot and now Uri, and you sit idle...

"Water treaty" being investigated to "use the water to the fullest extent as the treaty allows"...


Do you people realize that without life there is no economic development?

That today some other Indians have lost a son / wife / mother / sibling, but tomorrow it will be yours. Because the law of probability WILL CATCH UP!

You will lose family members to these senseless jihadis!

In "Yes Minister / Yes Prime Minister" John Hacker goes through an interesting QA session wherein he acknowledges he will not fire nukes on an invading Soviet army even if it reached 10 downing street.

Nukes are a deterrent, and it worked wonders to prevent a US - Soviet Union war....

But that is not the case here. Every single day, Pakistan , Turkey, Saudi, Qatar, UAE are bleeding India with a thousand cuts. Yes India won't die, but you are definitely paying the price for it.

How can you do nothing? Will the attacks stop if you do nothing? In the last 3 decades have they stopped?

Probably, India is the ONLY nuclear armed country which will take a nuclear strike, but not strike back! This is the extent to which your government is castrated!

What is the point of earning money, building infrastructure, educating yourselves and your progeny when your government cant guarantee your most basic and fundamental human right: the right to life???

Do you Indians realize that you have to make this stop. And war is not necessary to make it stop.

1) Assassinate the Militant outfit leaders (like Israel)
2) Assassinate the ISI / Pak Military leaders who work with the Jihadis
3) Use your formidable software work force to hack in and empty the Jihadi bank balances
4) Hack in , infiltrate and destroy Pakistani / Saudi infrastructure (water, electricity, traffic, stock markets)
5) Israel changed a minute setting in the centrifuge used by the Iranians, some thing so subtle that the bearded ones couldn't detect it for years.. and successfully prevented the Mullahs from getting Nukes. Why can't India, in this day and age with more advanced computer techniques hamper Pakistan's nuke arsenals and further production?
6) Support separatist movements in Balochistan, NWFP, Sindh
7) Block the rivers , screw the Indus water treaty. Like Modi said "blood and water don't flow together"
8) engage pirates to disrupt the shipping.
9) Take out Gwadar with the BLA... that way even Pak's Chinese sponsors get a bloody nose.

These and many other techniques can very well halt the aggressive attacks on India.

Indian newspapers dismiss covert operations since there is no publicity (they literally wrote this). But it is not about words, its about making the killings stop!

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