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SunPlugged (Mumbai)


Today - Sunday, 20 Jan Protected content Bhavan’s College, Andheri, presents at SunPlugged

[A Deutsche Bank-Sanctuary Asia Climate Change-Biodiversity Initiative in partnership with Bhavan’s College, Andheri]

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10 am to 12:30 pm - 5waraj - Reviving Faith [workshop]

Gaurav Shorey, ex-TERI, founding member of ADARSH and 5waraj and Assistant Professor of architecture at Sushant School of Art Gurgaon, speaks about the five pillars of sustainability in the context of Indian culture.
Venue : Yoga Centre, Bhavan's Campus

10 am to 12 pm - Solar Punch (from USA): Solar Cooking and Solutions [talk]
James Dean gives a compelling primer of solar cooking as it stands today, tracing solar cooking's historical lineage back to ancient Greece and India. He also presents the many environmental solutions he has show cased during his journeys across India.

Venue : Protected content Classroom, Bhavan's Campus

2 pm to 4 pm – Solar Punch [performance]

Solar Punch is a solar-powered rock band from New York that uses solar energy exclusively to power their music and message. The group is keenly interested in exploring solutions to climate challenges; Solar Punch creates original songs about these challenges and their solutions while simultaneously celebrating innovation, creativity and environmental leadership.
Venue : Gyanganga (Small) Amphitheatre, Bhavan's Campus

3:30 pm to 4:30 pm - Wild Tales - Children's Stories and Puppet Theatre [ kid’s event]

Katie Bagli is a freelance teacher and is also passionately in love with nature. She is a member of the Save Ranibagh Botanical Gardens Action Committee. Through her books, she hopes to share her knowledge, to sensitise and to inculcate a love for nature among the young brigade. Katie will be narrating from her stories and also presenting a beautiful, fun puppet show.
Venue : Yoga Centre, Bhavan's Campus

4 pm to 5 pm - Greening Terraces [workshop]

Mumbai Goes Green presents a workshop at the Bhavan's newly created rooftop garden, to discuss the exciting possibility of growing food, herbs, flowers, on Mumbai's rooftops!
Venue : SPIT Roof 5 Floor, Bhavan's Campus

5 pm to 5:45 pm - Tiger Dancers [performance]

For eons, in South Odisha, tribals under the reign of the poet king Upendra Bhanja in Ganjam, performed the Bagh Nritya, a rite to appease the tiger goddess they worshipped. In light of the immense threat facing tigers, the goddesses Maa Bhyagra Devi and Maa Thukarani have evolved into a rallying point for tribals looking to conserve their precious forest lands. Narayan Maharana, president of a government-aided organisation reviving the folk dances of Orissa, says: "The traditional animal and tiger dance has changed over the years. Trees have disappeared and the forest cover has shrunk. "Tigers are (now) under threat in their habitats because of an intense man-animal conflict. The tiger goddess, in whose honour the dance is performed, has also changed her message. The goddess now campaigns to save the tigers. She orders her worshippers to foster man-animal amity and protect the forest.

6 pm to 9 pm - SunPlugged, Salutations to the Sun [performance]

Come listen to Shubha Mudgal and Mala Ramadorai in an enchanting performance by the lake at the Bhavan's College amphitheatre powered entirely by solar energy. Accompanied by Orissa's famous tiger dancers, the duo will sing ragas to the setting sun in a tribute to the incredible power generated by it. Reach early to grab a seat.
Venue : Pranganga, Big Amphitheatre, Bhavan's Campus

SunPlugged Festival Protected content Sanctuary Asia
Protected content
The SunPlugged Fest, first of its kind, will be powered to the fullest extent possible by renewable energy, and will be driven from concept to creation by credible experts in the fields of solar energy, climate change and biodiversity.Come join us.
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