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Wanna Join an NGO ??? (Mumbai)

Man by nature, is a social and political animal. He cannot live by bread alone. Like a child deprived of mothers handling, develops psychological and physical problems in an adult, like a solitary confinement being a punishment most severe, social interaction is an inevitable ingredient of civilized society.

After the search for food and shelter man yearns for recognition in the society he lives in. In a later stage he seeks manifestation/realization of the mission of his life. There he doesn’t think of the material returns and wok selflessly to pay back something to the society which developed him to the present status. Helping the needy, serving to eradicate the suffering of the downtrodden becomes prime importance to him. It’s here he feels he needs a Universal platform where he can meet many thinking on the common cause and transform that thinking to action.

It’s one’s duty to think continually of those who have been denied this privilege, and with this one thought in mind I chose to be a part of an internationally acclaimed group and a service Organization which is working towards the betterment of the Society and the upliftment of the poor and underprivileged. Giants International is India’s first International Service Organization. It works towards bettering world communities, deriving its strength from compassion and virtue to always bring good cheer and hope in the community. Its movement provides its members an ideology base and organization platform to enable citizens to play their role for community welfare. Every good citizen wishes to do some useful social services and they translate that wish into will.
This organization is the only organization that has originated in India unlike the other groups which have their roots in foreign countries and they believe in doing social work for the poor, needy, handicapped people. I desire to accumulate people with similar feelings in mind and those who wish to strive for the society. By forming a small unit of likeminded people we would be able to serve better. We would be having regular meetings once a month at different venues where we all can assemble as one family. Our agendas would be to discuss on various topics which are informative and arrive to a monthly goal which would help us to be of service to the society. We offcource would also look forward end our monthly meeting with a tasty and sumptuous dinner which is palatable to all.

Therefore I wholeheartedly invite you to shoulder my desire and come to be a pearl of our new necklace that I wish to create and Join the treasures of the Giants Family

Truly Your
Payal Ahuja , Manjalkar

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