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Hello My Dear InterNation Friends of Mumbai,

It is a pleasure to be part of this group. My wife and me has started an open community of people who are being healed on the soul, mind and body level by the technique called 'Healing by Love Energy'.

This is not a newly invented method. We have mixed the Psychological Science with Spiritual Science to help all kind of people, irrespective of their belief system or religion. You can note some of the testimonials in our website Protected content .

We say :
Life is Mine as Soul is Mine, because Karma is Mine, where Unconscious and Conscious Mind is Mine, hence as Happiness are Mine, Sadness too are Mine, because Thoughts are Mine, Feelings are Mine. Thus the Power to Evolve is vested in Mine.

We would like to reach through InterNations as a social group to reach out to all of you and your friends in your countries for 3 simple things:

1. Help enrich your lives and hand-hold you through your problems and situations.
2. Reach to your friends through your social networks like Internation,Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc.
3. Do workshops in Mumbai through your participation and help.

Come join us to enrich each other life. You can 'Like' our page Protected content and help the community grow and share.

With Load of Love Energy,
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