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Fake Profile picture (Munich)

Hi I saw this mail today and I was wondering if the internations team could kindly explain to me what exactly is fake about my profile picture.

i believe the meaning of fake is : Having a false or misleading appearance; fraudulent.

is the picture misleading - i mean the dreadlocks are definitely mine down to the colouring, the complexion , the racial features , my glasses , the smile .... hmm i am then a fake myself?!?

I got this picture done by an artist at the BMW Fair and I have it as my xing and linked in profil picture because I accepted it as the way the artist saw me and it reminds me of an experience .

Now kindly explain to me what aspect of this picture is fake and in what way I have given a false or inaccurate information about myself!

Thanks in advance!

Dear Liz,

Please change your profile picture to a real and actual picture of yourself or switch back to the default photo, which we can send to you upon request. It is against the General Terms and Conditions to use fake pictures. Our community of trust is based on the fact that all members provide accurate personal information. We also depend on you to help ensure the quality of the platform.

Kind Regards,

Your InterNations Quality Assurance Team

P.S. You can change your profile picture by clicking on the “Change Picture” button under the profile picture and uploading another one.

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