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Antoine Mariaux

Living in Munich, from France

"What I really like about InterNations Munich? The wonderful crowd of outgoing and lively expats at our local events, of course! "

Chen Ming

Living in Munich, from China

"I had my first "mass" of Oktoberfest beer at the InterNations event for the Munich expat community - thank you, InterNations! :) "

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Griasdi and welcome to InterNations Munich! As a truly global network, InterNations brings together expats in Munich and around the world, helping take the stress out of moving to foreign land. So if you're looking to move to Munich, why not join InterNations and let your fellow expats help make the transition to your new expat life in Munich a smooth one? Whether you can't choose between life in Haidhausen or Bogenhausen, or need some advice regarding your visa application, our friendly and welcoming InterNations Community will surely be able to answer your questions, and best of all, they're only ever a click away.

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More Information on Expat Life in Munich

Munich is a globally important city, with a high standard of living and numerous cultural and historical attractions. As Germany is currently the backbone of the EU's economy and Munich is its third largest city, economic opportunities here are better than in most places in Europe, especially if you have the right skills. In a fast moving business market, there are always jobs available for skilled expats — although hiring a translator for your résumé might be worth looking into if you aren't yet fluent in German. For this query, and many like it, InterNations would be a perfect place to ask; who better to go to for help in a foreign land than a fellow expat with years of experience living the same?

The International Network for Expatriates in Munich

Life in Munich is not as much of a culture shock to many expats as other places around the world, but it still takes some getting used to. As a general rule, in the workplace especially, German people value efficiency, punctuality and order — so be on time and don't make too much small talk during working hours. If you do find German culture difficult to get used to, what better way to relax on your own terms than in the company of like-minded expatriates? Munich is a fascinatingly historical city, with a lot of cultural and entertainment attractions catering to all ages and types. InterNations helps you discover these hidden gems with the aid of your fellow expats in our InterNations Groups in Munich, who hold regular social events, activities, and excursions. From a vegan or photographic society, to girls nights out, singles evenings and Bavaria tours, there is literally something for the expat of any persuasion in the Munich Community. In addition, regular InterNations Official Events enable you to socialize and network with fellow expats and global minds.

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Will you be able to relax in a beer garden on the weekend, or may it be wiser to go to the Deutsche Museum? has up-to-date weather forecasts for Munich!

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