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Fröttmaninger Heide safe? unexploded mines, shells (Munich)


My wife and I just moved to Munich with our golden retriever. We'd been really enjoying our long walks in Fröttmaninger Heide, until we read that there are numerous unexploded mines and shells buried in the soil. Our dog loves to sprint across the fields, and on occasion, dig a small hole.

Neither of us speak/read German, and would like to know if anyone here has (or can point us to) more information.

What we know is that as of earlier this year:
(i) the Heath Club had found numerous shells and anti-tank mines buried in the fields;
(ii) they have been trying to remove/detonate the explosives but do not have the money;
(iii) no one can remember an accident involving munitions in the heath in the last 50 years;
(iv) there was a controlled detonation just near the Kieferngarten station after construction workers uncovered a "live" bomb.

I can't find any news about the subject since March.
I see hikers, bikers and dog-walkers all the time in the heath, but I'd like to learn more about what's currently known about the risks from the buried explosives, and about the status of their removal/detonation.

Thank you!

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