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Gymnasium vs realschule challenge (Munich)


Hi INs,

we have been moved to Munich two years ago, and my son, born Nov Protected content , started to attend public school in Lehel. For first two years he has attended the U class - for immigrants, who do not speak German. The teacher was great, supporting the kids and the class was only 13 kids. My son was doing there quite well and I was very proud of his integration and degrees.

Then he moved to German class of 23 kids this year and struggles - he does not understand the teacher, and its 4th class. They decide in few weeks time on my kid's destiny, and I look for friendly advice how can I help him to catch up with the German kids.
My son has German lessons, 4 times a week, but its too little at the moment to comply with high expectations. Needless to say that we do the houseaufgabe every day until 9pm.

Question: is there any help available for international kids?



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