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Help with my new LENOVO computer (Munich)

Dear All,

I bought a ideapad S300 just some months ago, I brought it here to Germany brand new, and now is broken. I send it to LENOVO repair department via post (I bought a 2 year insurance guarantee), they send it back to me BROKEN!!!!!!! So I called today to ask why and they said I need to send it back to Mexico and God knows how long that will take to get it fixed.

The problem is I´m currently doing my masters online, and not having a computer is definently not an option, I can fail my class and lose my Masters thanks to that.

Anyone who knows something about guarantee??? they will not help me with my problem, or any second hand cheap computer I can buy (I´m an intern so my incom is not that high)

I will very much appreciate the support, I have an exam the 31st of October.

For your atention and further help, thank you so very much

Warm Regards,

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