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Housing Accommodation Advice for new Expat (Munich)

Hi All,

I am a soon-to-be expat currently living in Chicago and moving to Munich late July this year. My plane tickets are booked and I am ready to go with my belongings.

Before I go into my question let me just introduce myself a little bit as this is my first post on Internations. I am Mike, I am 29 years old, currently married with a 4 year old son. Our plan currently is my wife, son and I are going to Poland in July. My wife and son will stay there with my son living in her parents home while I go alone to Germany (Munich) to get accustomed to the change in life/culture before they come with me.

That being said, I currently have a job in IT, however that job I am passing on to my peers and will be doing more of a consulting role in it abroad. So basically, I am in need of a full-time job. But that is here nor there in my dilemma for accommodation at the time being :)

My issue is I am living in Chicago currently and I am hoping to get situated in a WG. My ideal situation is to live with a roommate or roommates who are familiar with Munich/German life. I myself would initially ask a lot of questions and would hope to receive help in any areas that they can help with. Again, ideal situation but not a deal-breaker.

Unfortunately, everywhere I have attempted to find accommodation I have been rejected. I am assuming its due to me not physically being in Germany yet to meet with potential roommates/see the place, but I am unsure of a different route I can take given my current situation. I have applied to over 35 advertisements and even posted my own advertisements on various WG sites, airbnb, and even temp accommodation sites like Mr Lodge

Can anyone please guide me in the right direction? I am not looking for someone to find me a place, but maybe some tips and information to help me find a place successfully and advice on maybe things I am not doing properly or traditional?

Again, any and all help/feedback would be greatly appreciated and I am humbled to be apart of this expat community and look forward to my adventure in Deutschland!

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