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Insurances for expat freelancers in Germany (Munich)

I'm interested in knowing what are the must have (even if they are not mandatory) insurances for an expat as freelancer in Germany and, taking into account, that most probably you will go back to your home country in the future.
Brokers told me about the next three ones but I would like to know your experience as freelancers:
-Health insurance. This one is mandatory.
An extra can be added to get some daily money in case you are ill and not cspable to work for more than six weeks. Is this really interesting for freelancers?
- Liability insurance: Damage to other people insurance. This one is cheap (around 60eur/month).
-Income protection or handycap insurance: In case you are not able to work in you profession for the rest of your life due to illness, you'll get the hired salary after six months. It is not a cheap insurance. It could be Protected content .
Experienced freelancers, could you please let me know if this insurance is really good to have (even though is not mandatory) or if it one out of thousand insurances that brokers try to sell us?

- Pension: How do you guys secure your future?

I highly appreciate your feedback. You can send me a private message if you prefer.

Thank you very much in advance.


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