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Looking for "Expat Managers" as interview partners (Munich)

Dear Expat Managers / HR Managers,

I am currently writing my PhD thesis ("Retaining your best - Uncovering the complexities of repatriate retention") at the University of Innsbruck/Austria in the field of human resources management.

As I am specializing in the field of international assignments, I am looking for Expat Managers / HR Managers anywhere in Germany that are willing to have an interview with me about their experiences with the repatriation process of expatriates into the former home organization.

The goal of the thesis is to identify the reasons for repatriate turnover. I am hence particularely interested in how human resource departments currently handle the repatriation process of international assignees (e.g. what support organizations provide to repatriates and their families, how they identify a potential re-entry job for the home-coming employee, etc.).

The interview will take about 60 minutes and can be held either in English or German. I would really appreciate everyone who could spare 60 minutes! If you are interested, please briefly inbox me, so we can arrange a date that suits your schedule.

Coffee and cake are my treat ;-)

Of course all data will be treated confidential.

Thanks for your help,
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