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Looking for legal advice on a matter of some boxes (Munich)

Can anybody out there help me?
I am having some trouble with a person I know from Japan living in Rheinstetten. I joined her there for a week, and after deciding not to go into business with her left to come to Munich - we signed nor made any contracts about his business and no promises were made on my behalf. I had things sent to her address c/o (in her name) in Rheinstetten which I have notice from the postal service she has received. She tells me she has signed for only one box and re-directed it back to Japan. There are another four boxes that she signed for but told me not of their arrival and claims she hasn't signed for them. I am in the process of getting the copies of signature from the postal service and then will travel to Rheinstetten to try and talk with this woman and find out what she has done with the remnants of my life (which amounts to only clothes, shoes and personal effects) which are important to me. There is nothing of notable value in those boxes, but in my terms are priceless (writings and photos and sentimental items).
I want to know how I stand with regards to my rights of ownership to these boxes which I sent from Japan with my own money and by my own hand (receipts I still have in possession) and is there anything that the law can do to help to get back what is rightfully mine?
A little simple advice would be much appreciated.
Thanks with hope...........Mell.

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