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NEW LOCATION! now at Park CAFE - today at 18h (Munich)

I just checked the weather report, 43% chance of rain. And since the Beergarten has nowhere to go if it rains, I have changed the location:

Inside or outside now at:

Park Café
Sophienstrasse 7
Protected content
Tel: Protected content Protected content

Strassenbahn: 27 / Ottostrasse
U-bahn - Hauptbahnhof / Königsplatz

Protected content

Dear InterNations sports fans and Beergarten fans!

With the Europa Meisterschaft starting this weekend - It's a great opportunity for us to have an pre-Party in the spirit of the EM!

It would be great if you could come in your home-country Football / Soccer Jersey as well!

I have reserved us Protected content at Chinese Tower Beer Garten; here are the details:

Where: Chinesische Turm, Englischer Garten
When: June 6th, Protected content , 18h +
Why: Protected content meet More InterNations Members - and greet the New Members!
Dress: Try and wear a sports shirt from your native country / bring a flag, make-up etc.

Look for the reserved seats in the self-service section!

Weather report: prognosis is 23° and sunny!

Hope to see you there!

Patrick Brennan
Your Munich Ambassador

1. Patrick Brennan - USA
2. Wolfgang Caro - Germany
3. Alex Brain - USA
4. Laura Karbon - Italy
5. Patrick Kessler - USA
6. Katrin Spohn - Germany
7. Franziska Crantor - Germany
8. Didier Crantor - France
9. Baby "vers. 1.0" Crantor - Germany
10. Songmin Xie - China
11. Harald Müller - Germany
12. Marc Cay - Germany
13. Greg Hunter - South Africa
14. Nicos Kountouris- Cyprus
15. DeAnna Lucas- USA
16. Jenny Deacon - Great Britain
17. Achim Bader - Germany
18. Bhavin Patel - Great Britain
19. Irina Heiligensetzer - Ukraine
20. Juan Tejeda - Dominican Republic
21. Patrycja Wojak - Poland

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