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Parallel Skiing e.V. shortski courses (Munich)

The ski season is nigh upon us, and Ken from Parallel Skiing has announced the dates for the shortski course as well as for the info eves. Here is his message:

InfoAft Sat18Oct. 15:00,
InfoEve Thur23Oct 19:00
InfoEve Mon27Oct 19:00.
InfoAft Sun2Nov. 15:00,


Here is the announcement for our beginner ski couses
and the first InfoEves for this season.


This is not just any ski course. We start with supershort
skis (just a tad longer than the boot) and parallel turn.
(With short skis you needn't learn the snowplough.)
Everyone can learn because we start with such short
skis and we learn by goofing off and playing silly games.
We go away for the whole weekend, leave FriEve,
return SunEve. It will be the most fun you've had since
you were a kid.

Beginner courses are at the 1st six weekends of the new year,
starting at the weekend of 3Jan, and running to the
weekend of 8Feb. (A normal course is 3 weekends. You
choose how many and which weekends you attend.)


Before the course starts, you must come to my house one evening
for general information, bootfitting, and some easy ski exercises.
Even if you are skeptical, you should come along to an InfoEve
and see for themselves how easy and fun learning to ski
can be. We discuss the costs in detail at the InfoEve. The
InfoEve itself is free and non-binding. It lasts about 2.5 hours.
The earlier InfoEve you come to, the larger the boot selection.
Please wear flat shoes and trowsers and bring the socks you
want to ski in. If you already have ski boots bring them with you.

Email me the names and email addresses of anyone else coming
to the InfoEve, so I can plan. I will email you a signup form. (Please
fill that out and return it before your InfoEve.)


I'll pick everyone up at the U5Station Quidde Str.
I'll give you very specific meetingup instructions when you sign up.

Tell me who is driving to the InfoEve, so I can arrange for more
cars, if I must. We need at least one other car. Anyone driving,
meet me at the meeting point as well (remember it's rush hour).
The closest
corner to our meeting point is Albert Schweitzer Str
and Siegfried Molier Str. Drivers go down the Station entrance to
meet us and collect your passengers. We will drive in convoy to
my flat in Ottobrunn.


Please use e-mail:

parallel_skiing [at] gmx [dot] com

Wishing you a snow-filled winter!


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