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Photography Class, Illumination, Photoshop Classes (Munich)

My name is Julio. I am a professional photographer with a lot of experience. I offer personal classes of photography.

The class is for anyone who wants to learn how to take their digital SLR photography to a higher level, both creatively and technically. You will learn what builds a great photograph in a dynamic way. You’ll come away with a better understanding of the digital photo process. You will learn not only what makes an interesting photograph, but the techniques and fundamentals to shoot amazing photos too! In the class you will learn different types of techniques.

For schedules we agree and create a schedule, depending on what we are going to work on. The classes can be received in your home or mine or outdoors when we are doing urban photography or landscapes.

The subjects of the course are:

Types of cameras: basic reflex, advanced reflex, handling, understanding diaphragm, exposure time speed, focus, color vs. Black and white

Lenses: how to choose the right lens, understand the focal length, lenses, fixed, zoom, wide-angle, long lenses

Close-up photography: how to compose a good photo, composition, framing, point of view, system of thirds

Urban photography, night photography and landscape.

Using the flash: at what time to use flash, studio flash, added flash, bounce flash, photometer

Shapes and motifs: symmetry, break the rhythm, use shadows, shape, natural motif, texture

Use natural light: strong or soft lighting, natural light bounce, back light, night photography

Portrait and still life: reportage, photograph your own animals, landscape, architecture, interiors, still life, close-up faces, fashion photography

Portfolio presentation and preparation: selection of the best photos.

The classes are in Spanish or English
Price: 1 person 25 EUR per hour
Hours: The minimum is a session of 2 hours per week

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